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Description: Short Film: Thriller

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Description: Christmas Video sketch

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Description: Mockumentary Video

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Description: Comedy Christmas Video

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Description: Video Tour

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Description: EPA Competition

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  • Rock Creek Park Long-board Downhill Skateboarding
  • Mountaineer Balloon Festival
  • Short Film Scott
  • Craig Weaver Sings
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  • Christmas Video
  • image description
  • Christmas Video
“Craig Weaver was a highly creative video producer at SAIC who injected a unique aesthetic flourish into his projects, no matter what the subject matter.” Patrick Leffas
Digital Communications Director


Craig Weaver & SunnyMoon Productions.

Grab some popcorn, put your feet up, and refrain from using
corporate lingo. This is a collection of creative pieces, short parody films, and sketch comedy shorts that were produced and directed by Craig Weaver of SunnyMoon Productions.

Check out our SunnyMoon Vimeo page for more videos!

Contact Craig Weaver for more information.